Deltae Innovation Solutions B.V. is always seeking for new water challenges to design an innovative solution for. To date, Deltae Innovation Solutions B.V. has developed and implemented various solutions against water problems and climate change. A few projects are explained in more detail below.

Delta X water tank

The future water storage is the Delta X water tank. The Delta X serves as a solution for infiltration and retention purposes. Unlike other conventional water basins, the Delta X is an innovative underground water tank. The Delta X saves valuable space that can be re-used for agricultural activities, pot fields or greenhouses. The Delta X is resistant to traffic class 60. The Delta X has a 98% net return capacity, is deliverable in all sizes, and easy to assemble due to the design. In addition, thecomponents of the frame are recyclable. Therefore, the water storage contributes to the climate even more. Finally, the construction of the Delta X water tank does not require intensive effort and time.

Do you need a water tank for your agriculture activities? Let us tell you the advantages of the Delta X water tank:

  • Strong and multifuntional
  • Space saving
  • Simple and modular
  • Prevents water problems
  • Recyclable
  • Resistant to traffic class 60

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Circular node

The circular node, designed by Deltae Innovation Solutions B.V., makes it possible to create a modular framework. By using the designed node, components, such as tubes, can be ‘clicked’ into its place. This creates minimal effort and makes welding unnecessary. In addition, the node is applied in the Delta X and can be used to redesign infrastructure as well.


The Corsospuwer is an innovative and creative solution against water issues, such as flooding. This gargoyle contains designes that are related to the yearly flower parade in Zundert, called Bloemencorso. People, and especially inhabitants of Zundert, are more willing to disconnect their drain pipe because of the Corso theme. What does the Corsospuwer exactly? By disconnecting an underground drain pipe and installing the Corsospuwer, clean rain water flows into your garden instead of into the sewer. Therefore, the Corsospuwer leads to less pressure on the sewer and underground blockages will be prevented. It is also possible to store rain water by combining the Corsospuwer with a rain barrel. Stored water can be reused for garden maintenance en drinking water is saved.

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